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I’ve been saying I’ll share this testimony with you, effect from last Tongues of Fire. I sent a prayer request and I saw God’s manifestations.
We’ve been having security challenges in the North, Kaduna being exceptional. It’s a bad case of neighbors, family members conniving with bandits to come to people’s houses and kidnap them.
The kidnappings done on the high ways are understandably but the ones they come to people’s houses, knock their doors or break down their walls to gain entrance are organized by insiders – neighbors, family members.
And with what we do in our organization, especially with our widows, we buy and get lots of supplies, sometimes foodstuffs, clothings etc. So I’m involved in buying and buying, and sometimes my house is used for deliveries.
We have to leave our environment when it seems we were becoming targets, because the people around think we have money, they don’t know it’s just People’s contributions. You understand my plight.
So we decided to sell a property and build in another place where it’s more secured and less crowded. That was last year ending. The money wasn’t enough so my husband took a Cooperative loan from his office so we can just enter and leave that toxic environment.
So, we didn’t finish the house, but it was habitable to move in. We entered this year, and I’ve been asking God to help us finish it, and the need for us to raise the fence.
That was my prayer request at the last Tongues of Fire – prayer to finish project.

God did His wonders. Somebody who was owing us for about 7years suddenly showed up and paid part of what he owed. He actually collected our money to get us a land and he didn’t get it and didn’t give us our money. So we have been on it and even got discouraged. So as he send the money, we were able to do the fence and fix our gate.
That, for me is AN ANSWERED PRAYER. And I remembered I sent that request. It’s an encouragement for me to keep believing God to finish the work in totality but this fencing was a major need and I thank God He made it happen.
Thanks for letting me be part of the program