about the eagles ark church



The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – The Eagles Ark (TEA) is embedded in a bigger project titled THE DREAM AGAIN PROJECT, which is a call for us as Christians to dream again in our personal lives, ministry, career, family, etc. (Isaiah 43:19)
RCCG TEA is registered in Canada and will operate through: 

(i) a fully functional family church providing in-person services in Calgary

(ii) a virtual church which will be a live ministry with its own e-attendees.

TEA is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God parented by the Tabernacle of David which is a member of the wider Apapa Family. 
The Resident and Virtual Church will each have their own respective Pastors, teach undiluted truths from the Bible, thereby helping people to develop their potentials and make an impact on the world. Through the practical demonstration of the livable and doable Word of God, dreams will come alive again. TEA will hold various programs that will enable people to connect with God and provide meaning to everyday living.
Technological platforms to be leveraged include Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Mobile Responsive Website, Telegram (CUG for disseminating of information). TEA’s Social Media Handle across all platforms is @theEaglesArk. 


We are expanding the love of God by impacting our generations through building lives and restoring destinies of those around us through the power and authority given to us by Jesus Christ, the begotten son of God

This is a church like what is we have not seen before.


This is not to say that the church should stop being a place of worship, or we are going to compromise the very foundation set by our lord and savoir Jesus Christ, but it does mean that the church needs to be more than just a place for people to go on Sundays. TEA vision is about how we see our future, and how we plan to get there.
The future of TEA will be one where we are not limited by physical boundaries. The future of TEA will be one where all people can experience God’s love and grace in their own way, in their own time, and in their own place.